Westgate Wonderland

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Westgate Wonderland

Open to children of all ages and free-of-charge!

Westgate Wonderland is the largest rooftop mall playground in Singapore. Located on level 4, it offers numerous features to stretch the imagination of every child.

With a 10-metre tall tree house, enormous watering can, giant insects in beautiful detail, lily pads and flowers, discover the fun that is larger-than-life because at this wonderland, it's Playtime All The Time!

NOTICE: Westgate Wonderland will be closed on the last Monday of every month from 10am to 12pm for maintenance. If public holiday falls on a Monday, maintenance will be on the following working day

2016 Maintenance Dates:

25 Jan (Mon), 29 Feb (Mon), 28 Mar (Mon), 25 Apr (Mon), 23 May (Mon), 27 Jun (Mon), 25 Jul (Mon), 29 Aug (Mon), 26 Sep (Mon), 24 Oct (Mon), 28 Nov (Mon), 26 Dec (Mon)